New blog, new ideas

I used to have a photography blog, a few years ago, but I rarely created content for it, it was mostly so that I had a focus for a project or two that I was working on at the time. I closed it down because I was going into teaching, and I had made the previous blog using my name and other personal details, which I felt could allow the dedicated pupil to know more about me than I wished – they can be devilishly good at finding out about you!

This blog is similar in some ways to the old one – I will make content when I have the time, or an idea for it, and hopefully it will give some focus again to my photography, but with one main difference – anonymity!

That aside, hopefully the blog won’t feel too impersonal, I don’t want it to be, it’s just nice to have an environment where I can write about my creative thoughts without being judged by my professional peers. I miss having a blog or website, and photography has been weighing heavy on my mind recently, so starting again felt like a good idea.

So, new blog, lots of new ideas, and plenty of new challenges to face as I start a teaching career as well!

Here’s to the future.

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