Coming up – A photo of the week

I have quite a few images that I’m very proud of, but I always feel a little awkward showing them to people. They might not like them or they might feel like I’m just desperate for attention (of course, there is some truth in this, everyone likes it when people praise their creative efforts) and so on. So I felt that this was the best forum to showcase what I think is the growth I have seen in myself as a photographer, both in skill and experience. Also, although I have a long way to go to reach the levels of consistency I would like, I do feel that I am no longer a rookie, and I want to share my creative products.

So, my plan is to put up on of my own favourite photos, and write a little bit about why I like it, how I took it, and what I was trying to do. What I’m hoping is that some people will see my images and like them, and that the process of dissecting each photo will help me develop my skills further when I’m out with the camera.

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