The rainy day dilemma

I am currently on half term, well, at the end of it now, but it’s been a really nice island of calm in a fairly whirlwind adventure, and I have had the chance to get out with the camera a couple of times. The common adversary though, is the weather. This time of year it’s wet more days than dry, and the light is quite poor as a result. So I have to make a decision: do I go out knowing it’s going to be wet, and knowing that I probably won’t get anything worth having, but just might get some great behaviour photos, or some really nice moody landscapes or similar or do I stay home and wait for better weather.

I’ll admit that in the past, I usually opt to just stay home and have a nice relax, and sometimes that’s what I really need, but more and more I’m starting to feel that the only way to take my skills further is to step away from my (literal) comfort zone, and get out there in the non-optimal conditions. I have recently taken delivery of a full sized camera bag, so can now take much more equipment with me, and I think now is the time that I need to start taking rainy days, or windy days or very low light days in my stride.

As I think about it, there are a whole range of different creative options for bad weather, and once I start getting out there I will start to build my landscape portfolio (currently quite thin on the ground, pardon the pun) with the inclusion of moody days, stormy skies, rain pouring off roofs and generally will have to expand my mind more. I’m being quite harsh on myself – I’ve always wanted to do this, but my equipment hasn’t really been ideal for the rain. Often I would only carry one lens, the zoom, if I was going to the reserve, and the zoom really isn’t suitable for the kind of images I would want to try for in those conditions. The reserve doesn’t justify taking a landscape lens only so I’ve always had to prioritise, and wildlife has always come out on top.

Now though I can take much more of my equipment with me, and the new flexibility that this brings will hopefully allow me to start smiling when a planned photo day is rainy, instead of scowl, turn the alarm off and go back to sleep, to dream of all of the photos I could have taken.

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