Photo of the Week! Entry 5

Riverside Trees

Riverside trees

I love landscape photography, and I often find myself daydreaming of walking through exotic plains or mountains, capturing in a single image the intensity of the beauty, if only it were so easy!

I have to remind myself, all too often, that some of the most important landscapes are those that are local to me, so I took some time walking along my local river to really appreciate what I was seeing. This cluster of trees caught my attention, just beginning their autumn displays. The river curves its path through flat an open farmland, and these trees sit as a small group together, just something about them made me think of a group of friends all sat as one, watching the river flow by. Foolishly, I only had a zoom lens with me, so I was a little limited in my composition options, but I think I would have gone with this composition anyway, isolating the trees, and capturing their reflections. It was a still day, so the only ripples come from the river itself as it slowly meanders on its way.

There are issues with this image, the sky is totally blown out, and the colours are harsh, but I think the image still works, I still get the feeling that I did when I first saw these trees, and that was the point of taking the photo, so I’m pleased with this one, and it will stay in my album for some time I think. I am trying hard to not be so critical of my images, I have so many that will never see the light of day because of the tiniest imperfection – if I carry on like that I will never be happy.

What do you think? Are there issues with this photo that you think spoil it, or does it still work?

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Week! Entry 5

  1. So here is my question. Was it just the trees or the context of the trees. Perhaps the reflection of the in the water is what captivated you. Somehow the reflection amplifies it entirely. Beautiful.


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