An Adventure in Edale! Day 1

Earlier in the summer I had quite a bit of time off, and decided that I really ought to capitalise on this. So, I phoned my favourite campsite in the Peak District (Fieldhead campsite), packed my camping gear, prepared a lightweight hiking photo kit, and hopped on a train peak wards!

Now, I know the Peak District quite well, in my University days I was a member of the rambling society, and every Sunday we would hop on a coach and head to a different area of the peaks. 4 years of that and I knew the place pretty well! So now I take myself and my girlfriend there a couple of times a year for a camping trip, but this time I wanted to go it alone.

Camping is in my blood, always has been, there is something about being alone in a tent, just you and your gear that really speaks to me. I think it’s the thought of the freedom, that I could pack up and move on, and where ever I end up, I can make camp and be comfortable. That nomadic lifestyle is of course overly romanticised, but I still think it is a wonderful dream.

All I took with me, photography wise, was my 7D MK2 and my wide angle lens (and tripod). Carrying a stripped down kit is quite refreshing, and would force me to use a lens that I haven’t really done much with.

I arrived and walked to the campsite. Because I’d arrived on foot I was allowed to pitch in the exclusive “backpackers” area. Separated from the rest of the camp by a little wooden bridge over a brook, this is a small area well away from the lights and bustle of the main site, with just the bubble and babble of the brook as a lullaby. I got set up quickly and cooked my dinner on my rather wonderfully named “pocket rocket” burner! A great little piece of kit, my dinner (boil in the bag curry, followed by spotted dick – a traditional English pudding, not an illness…) was ready in no time. I was all prepared for the following day, so made my way to a local, and very famous pub – The Old Nag’s Head. I love this pub, a traditional place, no fancy bars or any of that, just a quiet, cozy place for a beer and a rest. I had both while reading a book, then turned in for the night.

Vango Banshee 300 at Fieldhead

All in all, I was very excited for the following day. I was going to leave Edale, heading north to Grindsbrook clough, a rocky and steep climb on to the impressive, and quite wild Kinder Scout. From there I was going to head along the southern edge to the Pennine way, then head north to Kinder downfall, take my photos, then retrace my self back alone the Pennine way until I reached Jacob’s ladder, then back to Edale for a well earned beer.

Alas, as is often the way with these things, all did not go to plan…

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