The Photos Inside My Head

I spend quite a lot of time thinking about photography. Far more time in fact than I actually spend doing photography, but such is life.

The thing is though, I have so many photos that I have already taken, but I took them all in my head. They look great!! Artistic composition, striking colours, or lack of them, really mood setting landscapes, or intense wildlife behaviour. Deep, wild lagoons, mystical forests, ferocious beasts, all captured by my lens and sensor.

This is all well and good, and is one of my favourite ways to get to sleep, but how on earth do I get these photos out of my head and onto (I suppose I romantically want to say “film” here, but I’ll be honest) SD card so that I can show them to people?

I suppose the first thing is to stop dreaming about photography and actually get out there! It’s not that easy though, because as much as I wish it were, I live on the edge of a fair sized city, and although it is semi-rural around me, it certainly isn’t what anyone would call wild. The local wildlife consists of mostly birds, and I adore bird photography, but no matter how hard I try, it’s quite difficult to make a pigeon look ferocious. All of the local forests have been made “townie” friendly, with paved paths, and obvious signposts, a far cry from those forests in my mind.

My plan for 2016 is to put more effort into planning and going on real photography trips, proper ones that take me to places that are still wild – there are a surprising number still left on Great Britain, you just have to find them. Hopefully, with careful planning, and the sensible use of a few weekends here and there (and an obliging girlfriend) I can find some of these places, and start to go some way to pulling those pictures out of my head, and into my camera.

One thought on “The Photos Inside My Head

  1. The only way you are going to pull those pictures from out of your head is to jump into going to a place, a park perhaps, open your eyes and shoot. The more you shoot the more you will notice things, and the more you will become enthralled. ❤


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