An Adventure in Edale! Day 3

After my great sleep I had to strike camp and make my way home. My train wasn’t until 11:30, so I had time to wander around Edale (strictly speaking, the whole valley is called Edale, and the village I was in is called Grindsbrook Booth, but everyone calls it Edale). Close to the Old Nag’s Head is a small cafe, and the offered a full English, which in the light of my previous day’s exercise, I felt I could justify!

The cafe was small and homely, and I sat reading with all my hiking gear on the floor next to me, while a group of bikers, a very common sight in the Peak District, ate their breakfast at the table next to mine. It felt like a very bizarre pairing – a pack of riders together, in full leather gear and long hair, and me, a lone wanderer, mud-splattered and a little bedraggled. Bikers and hikers! That’s what the cafe should call itself! Anyway, I digress.

Breakfast was great and soon it was time for the train. My girlfriend loves the station at Edale, it’s a tiny little place, very exposed but remarkably busy, because it is one of the best stops in the Peak District, and the start of the Pennine way.

In rather irritating comparison to the day before, it was glorious sunshine, and I sat at the station, cooking, quite frankly! I couldn’t resist the chance for a railway photo, and in the distance, one “branch” of Kinder Scout was waving to me in the summer sun, so I took a snap of that as well! Perhaps not my most artistic shots, but I find them pleasing all the same, and they transport me right back to my Edale adventure!

More please!


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