Photo of the Week! Entry 7



Young and adult dunnock

To take this photo, I went to something of a ridiculous extreme… I have a portable photography hide, it’s essentially a fold-able chair which has a camouflage canopy that goes over the top. It is quite silly, but I like it, and I dream of one day being able to use it in a forest somewhere to really study the behaviour of local wildlife.

In the meantime however, I was using it in my garden. Now, my garden is essentially a lawn, and where I used to live had some trees about midway down. There was a fence either side, and that was it. So, sticking a very dark coloured camouflage chair in the middle of it was about as obvious as its possible to be!

Nevertheless, I was able to get this image of a young and adult dunnock together on the fence. I really like the composition for a number of reasons: the young dunnock in the front is wonderfully sharp, and it leads so well to the adult at the back, who is just looking on to make sure all is well. Secondly the colours all compliment really nicely, the green balances just perfectly with the blue, which was my neighbours’ shed, and because of the aperture I used (f5.6) in combination with the focal length (300 mm), even though the shed fills a large portion of the background, you can’t tell what it is, so it just works as a lovely colour.

I really am pleased with this image, it’s one that has survived countless album cleanouts, and I think it’s one that I will display for a long time yet.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you!

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