A Plan is Afoot

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but one thing I really do want to do this year, is more landscape photography.

Landscape photography was the reason I ever wanted a camera in the first place, but with the nature reserve so convenient, I have fallen into the guise of a wildlife photographer (not that that is any bad thing!). So this year I really want to make an effort to allow landscapes to feature in my photographic exploits as much as I had always planned.

With that in mind, for Christmas, I asked Father Christmas for some bits and pieces that will make it much easier for me to go camping. That way I can travel to the stunning Peak District, which is not that far from me, and spend some time there, to really get down to some nitty gritty landscaping. Now, I know the Peaks fairly well, and if you read about my Edale Adventures, you will know that I’ve made this kind of trip before.

Only this time, will be different. See, last time I set out with no real plan, I was going up on to Kinder Scout, but that was about it. I got up quite late, I spent a fair amount of time in the pub, and I camped in a nice family run campsite in the middle of a village.

Not very immersive, is it. This time, I’m going to leave the beaten track, and get out further into the Peaks. In the UK, camping somewhere that isn’t a designated campsite is called wildcamping (among other things); now, in some parts of the UK it is perfectly legal, in fact even encouraged! In the Peaks however, it is most definitely against the rules… But here’s the thing, there is a huge difference between rocking up with a massive tent, pitching at lunch time in the middle of the open, cracking out a couple of beers, some music, a BBQ or an open fire; and arriving at dusk alone, pitching a lightweight back packing tent at dusk, eating a small meal, bedding down for the night, and striking camp at dawn. So although I will be technically breaking some rules, I shall do so with the utmost care, and with the sole intention of leaving no trace of my presence what so ever (so I don’t get caught, as much as anything else…).

So why commit this blatant breach of the rules? And even more, why write about it on the internet before I do it (you’ll notice I haven’t mentioned any¬†of the places¬†that I am intending to stay this time)?! Well the simple answer is I want to give myself no excuses. There are a lot of very sensible, very respectful people who wildcamp in the Peak District without causing a stir, and I feel if done responsibly then it’s no issue. The point is I need to take that deeper plunge into the landscape, I want to, because I feel my approach to the art of photographing a landscape will depend on it. Now I am very pleased with the images I got last time, because last time I did what I needed to do then.

This time though, this time will be different.

And I can’t wait!

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