Photo of the Week! Entry 12

Oak in black and white

An oak tree in the full midday sun

I love trees. I love how they look, how they smell, and how they remind me of the hours and hours I used to play in a tree-house that my Grandpa made.

Since then I’ve found trees some of my favourite subjects to photograph, and this old oak tree not far from where I used to live in Devon is a perfect example. It was illuminated by full sun at the height of summer, but behind it were clouds gathering, presumably for a seasonal summer shower. Alliteration aside, I thought that black and white would take away the distracting colours and shades of the tree itself, and the clouds behind, and instead show off the shape and texture of the tree, on a soft background.

I think black and white works well for trees, they are shaped and molded by their lives, and black and white gives an almost portrait quality to the photo, which I felt emphasised the long life of this organism.

What do you think?

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