Photo of the Week! Entry 13


Overwatch: Two young kestrels survey the fields around them

At the local nature reserve is a kestrel box, and this year there was a good clutch of eggs that hatched into 3 beautiful kestrels.

I’ve always been interested in birds of prey, and when I was young, my parents bought me a membership to the Hawk and Owl Trust, sponsoring a nest box in my name. I’ve had it for years now, and each year it has played host to a bird of prey, either barn owls, or kestrels, and as a result I’ve always felt very fond of them. There is quite good hunting at the nature reserve, and so it was wonderful to see that they have been so successful this year.

This was taken with a canon 70 – 300 mm on my canon 7d MK2. It was actually quite an overcast day so I have had to tinker in Lightroom to get the best from this image. I cropped in a little tighter because the nest box is quite a distance from the path, then reduced highlights to bring some detail into the sky. A small increase in vibrance brought the colour of the sky in, and overall I’m very happy with the result. I deliberately composed with the box on the left and a good deal of open sky, because I felt as birds, they needed space to fly into, and if I had gone for a central composition it would have been a rather dull, flat image. The little detail that there is in the sky gives just enough interest in the empty space.

What do you think?

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