Photo of the Week! Entry 14

From Esk House

The view from the climb of Scafell Pike. Taken with a 5 mp compact!

Before I had even considered photography as a hobby I might subscribe to, I was a rambler. Actually, I prefer the term hiker, because ramble implies it was a gentle amble around. There was nothing gentle about the walks I did with the walking group at university (you know, apart from the fact that we were just walking. And always finished in a pub). In many ways that inspired me to take up landscape photography, and I think this photo is where it begins.

Looking back, I’m quite impressed with myself – I composed this without ever having read a book about photography; I knew nothing about foreground interest, or laying of light, and yet this photo consists of some elements of composition that I would be pleased to get into an image now!

I can’t really discuss the technicality of how I set up the camera, because it was a basic Nikon compact point and shoot – I think it has done a fantastic job with the light, but the key to this image for me is the composition. I included the rocks bottom right to give the foreground a context, and to make it clear that I was much higher up then the valley. The brightest patch of sky also happens to be in the ideal spot according to the rule of thirds – this catches my eye first, but then the sparkling river pulls me away and I can’t help but follow it all the way through the valley, and eventually to those foreground rocks.

Certainly there are things that could be improved in this image, but for me it opened the door – could I be a photographer? Hopefully I am some way on the journey to finding out

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