That familiar itch…

Have you ever sat at the computer and just had so many things going on that you have about thirty browsers open at the same time? And your attention just jumps between them? Well, that’s what I feel like inside my head.

I’m an obsessive. I don’t mean obsessive compulsive or anything like that, I mean that I obsess. Totally. Whatever I’m thinking about at a particular time is all I can think about at that particular time, I think about it on my drive to work, in the shower, going to sleep, I dream about it – it gets everywhere! The thing is, there are so many things that I’m interested in, and that is what causes the problem.

See, from what I can tell of most people who have a number of hobbies, the hobby that they do depends on what they feel like at the time. That’s it. As simple as that. “I feel like painting today” – proceeds to have a nice time painting. Not for me though, oh no. My decision goes like this: must take photographs, must take photographs, must take photographs, hmm, I don’t know what to do with myself; must go fishing, must go fishing, must go fishing, and so on and on and on.

It drives my poor fiancĂ© mad, because she just about gets used to me being totally hooked on one thing, when I change and am totally hooked on another! I have monitored myself, and have found that my obsessions last between around 4-6 weeks before it changes and all I can think about is something else, and there is a changeover period of about 2 weeks where I sort of half-heartedly think about both. The worst thing is if it is a new obsession, because that is generally expensive… Happily, I have boiled them down to just a few now, and I am fully equipped for each of them so I can just get on with it without sourcing gear, and spending a fortune.

I am in a changeover period at the moment, that’s the itch. The last 5 weeks have been all about fishing, and I’ve been many times, the best of which was a stunning 13 lb common carp. But now the fishing is waning a little, and more mountainous adventures are sowing their own seeds in my mind. I’ve been drifting off to sleep with the imagined sounds of a tent surrounding me, the cool, outdoors air filling my lungs and powering my imagination. I can feel a photography phase coming on, which this time will be heavily coupled with camping. My last phase was my most productive yet, both with the blog and my image banks, so I’m very excited for this new one.

How about you? Do you know what I mean? Am I crazy?

By the way, you can probably track when I am in a photo-phase and when I’m not just by the volume of material I post on here…

One thought on “That familiar itch…

  1. I suffer the same affliction! I’m in my hiking phase and don’t seem to be able to shake it. Living near a national park does that to a person.
    Before hiking it was studying. Before studying it was travelling!
    I hope the hiking thing sticks around though for quite some time- I’m loving being out there.


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