Photo of the Week! Entry 25

Dolbadarn fort in Llanberis

Dolbadarn fort in Llanberis

A stunning and ancient fortress tower is quite imposing in the landscape. There is an internal staircase that can be climbed, and the sense of getting closer to times past is very strong.

The sky was quite bright, even though it contained a lot of dark colours, but the tower itself was quite dark against it, so I used a HDR mode to capture both. I prefer to always keep the HDR effects as toned down as possible, and I feel it has worked well here. The sky is brooding and intimidating, which just emphasises the fort’s own presence. A tripod was used and the clouds were moving slowly so I could afford a slightly slower aperture to boost depth of field to include the surroundings and opted for f8 – an aperture that I have found to be in the range of highest sharpness for this particular lens.

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