The Dilemma of Selling

I’ve been interested in photography for over 10 years now, and been actively practicing and learning for around 7 – first with an entry level camera, then a middle of the road, amateur camera and now I have a fairly advanced crop sensor camera, and use an old full frame for back up.

Increasingly over the years, I have seen photo prints being sold online using sites like Etsy, or at craft fairs, and have thought to myself “my images are as good as that”. Often I have thought about how great it would be to sell a few images, and this leads to the dilema – do I think that my images are good enough to sell?

I find this a really hard question to answer, if I am being honest. I have several of my own images on the wall, and they look great – but do I think that just because they are mine? Certainly I don’t compare to the work of someone like David Yarrow, for example, but then his fine art, limited edition prints each sell for between £5000 and £10 000… Does this mean that mine aren’t worth £30 – £40 if I framed them nicely?

Many of my friends have been reassuringly kind and said that my images are good enough, and this leads me to think that maybe I ought to try. Just for a year, open an online space and offer my images for sale, as prints that come ready framed. I must admit that making a little pocket money on the side for selling a few prints would help cover some of the expenses I incur on some of my weekends away, but more than that, one single sale from a stranger would transcend me in my own mind from the bumbling beginner that I was at the start, with no concept of light, or composition, or even what RAW was, to somebody who’s skill with a camera was recognised and even valued by other people.

I suppose the most significant thing that holds me back, and is stopping me from just giving it a try is this: What does it mean if nobody buys one…?

I’m not sure I could take the answer

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