Photo of the Week! 25 – End of the Road


This is one of my favourite recent images, it just feels very powerful to me. I chose black and white because the colour added nothing here, and I wanted to focus on the texture of the wooden walkway, and for the fence posts to have that harsh darkness. When composing this shot, initially I instinctively followed the rule of thirds, and the path ended on the upper right “sweet spot” – but I realised that this wasn’t the feeling I wanted to achieve. I wanted this image to feel slightly inharmonious, so recomposed with the focal point more central. This makes the image feel a little more tense, which is what I wanted.

I took this image while on a weekend break away with my wife to be. I work away from home, and so we get very little time together – this image epitomises my feelings on those trips – I never want them to end, but there it is, hard, stark and unyielding. The end of the road.

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