The Right Place at the Right Time

My Sunday morning routine at the moment revolves around a couple of hours at the nature reserve, generally just wandering slowly with the camera ready – as I have said before, not necessarily the most efficient way to do wildlife photography but it’s an approach that I find works well for me.

A couple of weeks ago I stopped off at the cafe in the nature centre for some breakfast (beans on toast, classic) and when finished, made my way through to the small garden that they have at the back. I don’t usually go here, it’s usually very busy, but today I just felt the urge to take a look. Boy am I glad that I did!

Looking out across the lake I could see around a hundred geese slowly swimming into the wind. I thought it was a great opportunity to zoom in tight with geese to the edge of the frame, giving the feeling that they were endless. However, I had got there at exactly the right time because, directly in the middle of a large group of geese quite close together was a single, elegant swan.


Swan and geese

When everyone else is a goose, be a swan.

The choice of black and white is important – the geese are generally dark in colour, but when in a full colour photo their grey backs are actually not too dissimilar to the swan. In black and white though the contrast is stark.

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