A bit of a disaster – but not really

So I work away from home. I am a research scientist and the company I work for is 120 miles away from where I live. To be honest, this can be very hard, being away from home, and my wife to be. This week, I tried to improve things by taking a chance to drive to the coast, which is much closer to where I work than where I live. I got there, found a fantastic composition (after being shouted at by a man in a high-vis jacket – apparently you aren’t allowed close to the pier to get “that” classic pier shot) only to realise I had left all of my filters at home!!!

I made a few exposures anyway, and it is certainly a knock-out composition, but without the filters it was impossible to get a long enough exposure to make most of it (I don’t want to give the image away, you’ll have to tune in next time…). These things happen though, and at least I got fish and chips for dinner (the chippy serves beer while you wait for your order! How civilised) and a chance to scout out the location, ready for next week when I will return, filters at the ready!

Stay tuned…

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