Common Subject?

I do a lot of my wildlife photography at my local nature reserve in Attenborough. It’s a stunning reserve full of wildlife, but this being the UK, the wildlife is usually quite common – ducks, swans, terns and other birds that can be seen in many places around the UK, much of the time.

I also don’t have very many opportunities to invest the time it would take to stake out some of the rarer animals, so many of my wildlife images focus on the more common, and this creates a problem; if everyone is really used to seeing my subjects, why will they look at my photos?

Make them uncommon.

Feeding Swan

A feeding swan makes a beautiful black and white full of textures

Portrait of a swan

Portrait of a swan

This robin tries to see me off

A robin in winter


Ponies Black and White

Climbing the tree

The canopy of a tree in the reserve


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