Foiled by Poseidon (and my own ignorance)

Over the last couple of weeks I have taken the opportunity to travel to Felixstowe while working away from home. On my first outing, I came very close to getting what I felt was a very strong image and so it was with huge excitement that I made my way back last week to try again.

To my delight, the sky was awash with gentle pastel colours, and there was enough cloud cover to hold it over the sea where I would be photographing. I pulled into the car park at Felixstowe, hopped out, and stopped dead in my tracks.

The tide was in.

Now, I grew up very close to the coast, but had never worried too much about tides (I was never really a beach person). Oh for sure, I know they go in and out, but the week before, at exactly the same time, the tide had been out, so it seemed perfectly logical to me that under no circumstances when I arrived this time, would it be in… Naturally, this meant that my target rocks were most definitely submerged! I walked the beach anyway, searching for other compositions, and found another two that I absolutely must capture! Sadly though, not only had Poseidon flooded the beach, he was also blowing onto it rather heavily… Not good for long exposure photography.

So this week, yet again I will make my way down to the coast, and hopefully will be able to get at least one of the images I have found.

The owners of the chippy are starting to consider me a local…

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