Almost Perfect

Photography can be quite a cruel art sometimes. The photographer, especially a landscape or wildlife photographer, is totally at the mercy of the elements. I have been travelling to the coast a lot lately, trying to expand my portfolio a little, and have seen some truly wonderful compositions.

Seeing and capturing however, are not the same.

Last time I was there I saw this lovely image using a small fishing boat and a textured sky – very simple, but very pleasing. I set the camera on the tripod, only about 12 inches from the ground, and then used my body to protect it from the strong wind, holding my coat out wide as if I were doing an impression of a bat. And it worked! The image is sharp, the sea is soft, the sky is coloured, oh its lovely!

Except for the rope.

I am so miffed about the rope. Take a look:

Fishing Boat on the Beach

I hadn’t thought about how the wind was blowing the rope, and I couldn’t really see the lost detail on the camera screen, it wasn’t until I got back to do the edit that I realised. Its such a shame, I will probably go there 5 more times before I get a sky that matches so well again.

Sadly that is the nature of the beast with landscape photography, you can only catch it, you can’t force it to look how you want.

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