A Coastal Classic

Sea defenses are a vital feature of the British coastline – Great Britain is a fairly small island sat out in the Atlantic ocean, and She gets a bit battered from time to time! Go to almost any seaside town, and you will see defenses in place to help slow the erosion by the sea.

On a fairly windy evening at high tide, this gave me the chance to capture a pretty classic coastal composition:


This is a photograph that I suspect most photographers that visit coastal towns will have, but it was there, and I was there so I felt I ought to… If it hadn’t been as windy as it was, I would have gone for a longer exposure to really soften the sea, but it was a balancing act – as these things often are – between getting the ethereal ghost-like water between the defense buttresses (I don’t know if that’s what they are called, but in my head it fits…) and keeping the marker post acceptably sharp.

All in all, a pleasing image, I lined the marker base with the horizon to introduce a feeling of stability to the image, it works because the black line of the wall reaches out to where it just touches the horizon, with the triangle (very often a source of visual stability in photography) just sat atop the sea, like a newspaper boat made by a child on the village pond.


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