Look Up


Often I feel the need to capture a landscape image that consists of, well, land… Sometimes though, this can be a bit of a rut that stops me looking at other things. Sky is of course, usually a key component of a landscape image, and where you position the horizon often depends on the depth of colour, shape and texture of the sky. If the sky is really dull and adds nothing to an image, it’s quite common to leave it out entirely.

This made me ask myself, why don’t I apply the same approach to the land? If I am prepared to leave the sky out entirely when it adds nothing, why don’t I leave the land out when it adds nothing and capture more of a sky-scape than a landscape. The image here is just pleasing – it doesn’t mean anything, it has no compositional development, it is purely a nice combination of colour, shape and texture, and although it is unlikely to be winning any photographic competitions, I think it is really important to always photograph what makes you feel happy.

So look up, you might just like what you see

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