A bit of an Uh Oh moment

I have been giving myself a bit of a panic these last few days – I have a 1 Tb external hard drive that stores all things photographical. I keep meaning to expand my backup to memory sticks and online storage so all my images are stored in multiple places, but to be honest I’ve just never got round to it.

Trouble is, with my shop nearly ready and some new shoots coming up, I went to get a few images off of the hard drive, and the hard drive wasn’t there!

Talk about a sinking feeling! I’ve been turning places upside down hunting for it and I couldn’t find it anywhere!

Well, long story short, I have found it (phew) in the place that I searched first, and have searched multiple times before I actually found it there (doh!) and have had enough of a scare, to go about backing up my library properly

All’s well that ends well…

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