The Chronicles of Zizi – The idea

I recently posted about my very good friend Zizi Moondust – a costume designer who has broken free of making movie-based costumes to dressing her own character – the Star Trek Andorian and David Bowie inspired Zizi, so that she can be as creative as she likes.

Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

I like to think we work well together, we’ve certainly known each other a very long time, and this is the result of our latest venture, the Chronicles of Zizi – a little bit of a mini-series where I will go through some of the images I took of Zizi on the day and consider the ideas, techniques and processing behind each image.

So, stay tuned, each week I’ll go through one of the images in detail, hopefully you will be as stunned as I always am when you see the things she is able to make, and hopefully you will like the way I captured it

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