Setting up Shop – Get on with it!

Last year I discussed at length about how I felt I should go about making my images available to sell, and the reality is I have just kept chickening out.

For whatever reason, I am just nervous of opening my Etsy shop – it’s all ready to go, I just have to press “open” and we’re away! I think it is because I have been worried about keeping stock, and shipping items out as fast as possible, but I’ve forced myself to stop and think “why do they have to go out as fast as possible?”

I’m not a professional photographer, my livelihood doesn’t rely on someone buying a photograph from me, so I should just be up front and say “when you order an image from me, I will get it professionally printed, put it through my own quality control, and then send it to you”. The process might take up to 2 weeks, and to be honest, I think that’s OK.

This way, I can be sure to process any orders without problems, I know that my customers will get a quality image that hasn’t been rushed out the door, and I will actually have a platform that is selling – unlike now where they are doing nothing at all.

So, I’ve decided that the shop will open in the next few weeks.


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