The Weekly Wander

I used to have a weekly feature, which I called the photo of the week, and it was great! Once a week I would publish an image and discuss some of the details behind how it was taken, and why I like it as an image.

I haven’t posted a photo of the week for some time, simply because I essentially ran out of photos to discuss… So, to bring back a weekly feature, I’m going to introduce my Weekly Wander – my main approach to photography, certainly at the weekends when I get the time, is to pick a lens, and go for a walk. I use this to hone my observation, and test my creativity, because I often walk the same route – can I get new images each time? In this way it forces me to keep changing how I do things, which is great practice. I’ve also got some of my best images this way, Angel of Death was taken on a wander, once I had seen that a tern was hunting on the same pattern, I settled in to wait so I could capture it hovering.

Some weeks though, I’m just not able to get out, in which case the Wander will be a review, or a poem or something similar. Hopefully I will begin the feature this week, and it will run alongside the Chronicles of Zizi, which I also have on the go at the moment.

I will keep all of my content from Photo of the Week, I’ll even keep the same page, it will just merge into the weekly Wander.

Hopefully it will be interesting for you, and will provide me with an excuse to keep taking the camera out!

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