The Weekly Wander – Bluebells

Over the bank holiday weekend, I wanted to get out with the camera, but I know the nature reserve is very popular. There was nothing for it, I had to go early in the morning.

I called this feature a wander because more often than not, that’s precisely what I do – slowly wander around wherever I am, camera in hand, and just watch what’s going on. I have also done hours of sitting in hides, and that’s all very well, but I can’t help but feel any moments that happen, are shared with whichever other photographers are there.

A moment though, is often all you have.

As I walked through a patch of more dense woodland, I was drawn to the contrast created by a single beam of sunlight making its way all of the way through, and illuminating a single bluebell:

Woodland bluebells

Gently illuminated by sunlight in an otherwise dark patch of woodland, this was a moment that only lasted around a minute

It’s a nice image, although I had to push the ISO a lot higher than I would like to get a fast enough shutter speed with a long lens – A lesson for me, always keep my second body with a faster lens close to hand!

After just a few moments, the light had moved round and was no longer hitting the bluebell.

A very fleeting glimpse at a very beautiful scene

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