The Chronicles of Zizi – 1

My friend, the wonderful Zizi Moondust is an accomplished model, and we work very well together.

The subject of this first entry to my little Zizi-focused miniseries is a psychedelic image, inspired by the performance and art, of David Bowie:


The wonderful Zizi Moondust draws great inspiration from David Bowie, and what a stunning result

 Of course, colour is absolutely vital here, and something of a departure from my usual gritty black and white. There are several elements to this image that work compositionally, as well as the obvious interest in an unusual subject. By holding her arms out, Zizi has helped to imply a triangular shape between her arms and those intense eyes. Triangles, implied or otherwise, are well known for helping to create a feeling of stability and harmony in and image. In this case the effect is twofold because the red of the hair and the makeup instantly catches the eye, and pulls you irresistibly to look at her face. I also positioned the disco ball, microphone and furniture (actually a speaker, although you can’t see it here) quite close together on the one side – by doing this I’m introducing a more dynamic harmony between the positive space filled by the props, and the negative space off to the left. The negative space has to be bigger for the effect to work, and I think it has come together nicely.

More technically, this was shot at F8 – the image isn’t very deep so I could afford the shallower depth of field but still capture all the detail. Also critical is my position with the camera – I am actually shooting from a slightly crouched position. I made the focus to Zizi’s eyes, and then keeping the shutter half-pressed to stop the camera refocusing, I moved lower to position the centre of the image on the centre of her chest. This is all to create movement – if her eyes had been the centre of the image you would look there immediately, and nowhere else. Now I am trying to walk you around in the image as you hunt for the focal point. The image is more engaging as a result, and a new favourite of mine.

What do you think?

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