Setting up Shop – Grand Opening!

Well, what a journey its been.

The tentative and almost embarrassed belief that my images are good enough to consider selling, all of the very supportive messages from readers here, and on Facebook to choosing images, sourcing print labs, ordering test pieces, working out shipping, creating the etsy store, building the idea that the going to be the ElementalPhotoBlog brand, and all of the other work besides.

And now I am so very excited to be able to finally tell you, that the ElementalPhotoShop is about to open for business!

On Friday the 25th of May, I shall open my online doors, with the etsy page linked to this site on a dedicated store page, as well as to Facebook.

I am not expecting any orders, I suspect I have to do a lot more work to get seen and known before that, but from that point onwards, every visit to this site will have the opportunity to buy my work at a quality I have painstakingly guaranteed, and that, to me, means the world.

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