I think a big part of why I fluctuate in my hobbies so much (as I mentioned before) is that I never really plan anything.

My life is a series of utterly finite moments that happen to be occurring in sequence, which often leaves me feeling quite disconnected from day to day – I work away from home as a scientist, so Monday to Friday I am in my working environment, staying in a little room that I rent, and then Friday to Monday I am back home with my wife (it’s really not a fun way to live). It means I essentially live two different lives, which makes it very hard to keep track of anything.

So, I have decided to try and apply a little order to the chaos, and for that, I need goals. I’m in a very creative mood at the moment, which is fantastic because I have a lot of ideas. Now this happens fairly often but this time, I am actually going to write them down, and build them into a plan, even a schedule that will keep me working on things between home and work.

Firstly, and most far-along, is my print store – I’ve written about it at length, but it will soon be live, and I have a few exciting things to share about it in the future.

Secondly, I have a walkabout to the Peak District coming up, I’ve done these before, but this will be the first time this year, and I’m very excited.

Thirdly, I have two new themes that I want to study photographically – inspirations that I want to use to build two project portfolios and give my photography a little direction. On top of that, I have the Weekly Wander and Chronicles of Zizi as well.

And finally, in July, I am going to Iceland! This is actually my (belated) honeymoon, but happily my wife is a big fan of photography, so I am really hoping that together we will have an adventure that will bring some incredible images back.

So there – plenty to be getting on with, and a lot of things to plan!

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