The Chronicles of Zizi – 2

Consider this fair warning. There are tentacles.

The wonderful idea that Zizi has had, is to create her own character, free from expectations, rules and requirements! She’s an alien, loosely inspired by Star Trek, but to be frank, that just expands her creative options even more.

So its perfectly reasonable to learn that she has a pet 12 ft tentacle. Right?


Aliens need pets too. This is Kitty, Zizi’s pet 12 ft tentacle. (Yes, I asked how it was double-ended as well. “Aliens” apparently…)

To learn more about Kitty the tentacle, you’ll need to check out Zizi’s pages. Here, I want to talk about the image – first things first, what a lot of colour! This was shot using an infinity curve set with an enormous umbrella flash, it’s essentially impossible to get the light wrong on this set! Compositionally, we wrapped Zizi up in Kitty, and then, and here is the really key point, I crouched to take the photo.

If I had been stood at eye-level, I would have had to aim the camera down to get everything in, and that creates a very noticeable angle to the image. By crouching to about waist height, I can capture the whole of Zizi, but keep her legs and her head in the same plane. I asked her to look at the camera, but then directed her head so that her chin wasn’t pointing down.

A little word about editing – obviously the tentacle colour is over the top. But just as important to this image is the clean background, which actually wasn’t that clean. Careful spot removal has taken away anything distracting from behind, making Zizi, and of course Kitty, the stars of the show.

All images copyright of ElementalPhotoBlog and may not be reproduced without permission

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