The Chronicles of Zizi – 3

At my favourite studio, Bodyline Studios, there is a wet-set. It has a shower head that you can use to create some stunning wet scenes, but it has the other advantage of being totally black.

I was looking at Zizi on the infinity curve and noticed how she is essentially monochrome. I thought that the black and white of her jumper, white hair, and soft blue skin would compliment perfectly with the brilliant white bathtub. Zizi being the wonderful creative she is, jumped at the chance to take a bit of a sideways glance at what is essentially a classic composition:

Zizi Moondust

And you worry about the spider in your bath tub!

Using a strip-LED light that is to the left of the image, I illuminated the bath brightly and deliberately pushed the exposure high to create such a high contrast image. There is a silver reflector to the right side of Zizi as we look at her to help lift the shadows on her face – that it is silver is critical to keep the white balance cool and not introduce any colour temperature that I would have to correct later.

I love the contrast here, her black boots and jumper on the white bath, the white bath in the black room, her white hair on the black jumper. A word on the posing, I asked Zizi to have her legs like this, partly to increase the contrast, but also for the flattering angle to her legs, helping to show their length. This is helped further by the fact that I was stood on a step-ladder (precariously balanced on the edge of the set, about a foot or so off the ground) and shooting from her feet up with a wider lens angle – the lens angle gently stretches perspective a touch, although had I used an actual wide-angle lens the effect would have been much more noticeable.

Zizi is looking out of the frame – a mistake you might think, the model not making eye contact with the camera. And it would be, had it not been intentional for this image – having her look away introduces a little movement to the image – what is she looking it? Why isn’t she looking at the camera?

We took a lot of images in the bath, and I love all of them – Kitty (see part 2) makes for an interesting companion – the details of which I will discuss elsewhere


The addition of Kitty gives such an over-the-top addition of colour that this image just leaps off the page

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