Film – A new challenge

When I was 11 or so, my father let me use his old camera. Alas, I have no memory of which make it was, let alone model, but it used film. Back then, photography was just a method of recording what was going on during school trips, so we used whatever film, and I learned the basic concept of exposure, and that was it.

When I came back to photography as an adult, digital was so advanced I didn’t even consider using film. Recently though, I have been watching the videos of Ben Horne on YouTube, and have been struck by how different a film-photographer’s process is to a digital.

I take a shot, check the histogram for exposure, zoom into the image to check sharpness and make sure the composition is clean. The film photographer has to do that before they press the shutter. I feel being forced to stop and consider my images in this way will be a valuable challenge, and of course Ansel Adams (one of my photography heroes) exclusively used film. So I have decided to obtain a film body, and shoot a roll or two of landscape images on film.

My lovely wife did an A-level in photography, and her family kept the camera. When I mentioned I was thinking of giving film a try, she said I could have her old camera. Happily I can report that it is a Canon (are there any other makes?), and was an advanced instrument during its time – the EOS10 autofocus SLR camera.

I’ve ordered a couple of different black and white films, and cannot wait to get out into the landscape to give it a try

I’ll take my 7D Mk2 just in case…

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