Weekly Wander – Point of View

This week, I want to think about the point of view in photography.

Each week, my wife and I walk around the local nature reserve and when we went recently, a flock (is that the collective noun?) of goslings appeared on a shingle beach outside the main nature centre. A lot of seed gets thrown here, so the adults were clearly teaching the young where to go for a good meal.

Anyway, there were probably 20 people clustered around photographing the chicks, and they all had one thing in common – every single one had the camera at eye-height and pointing down.

I didn’t realise this until after I had finished shooting, because my first instinct when the chicks came close was to hit the deck and slide slowly towards them. I only had a 50 mm prime lens so had to zoom with my feet, but my decision to change angle, combined with the speed of the lens and the depth of field the quick aperture have me, enabled this quirky little snapshot, with the cheeky little chap giving me the eye as I crept closer.


When everyone else gets the human point of view, it can make all the difference to get the animal’s view instead

This won’t be a wall-hanger, but what a fun little photo, and I can guarantee that no one else there has this image – they were busy photographing the top of the chick’s head…

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