We need to talk

There’s a phenomenon that I have seen, which to be honest is concerning me a little.

Recently, I was out in the Peak district with the intention of photographing Back Tor – a subject I’ve never really focused on before, and which has been heavily photographed by other people. So, some creativity was required to make a unique image, and it took a long time of waiting for the correct light and conditions to get the shot.

While waiting, I took a point-and-shoot photo with my phone, no artistic consideration, no planning, or control over the depth of field etc. just a quick “look at where I am” photo, which I put onto Facebook:


Here’s the thing – people on Facebook went nuts for it. Called it “amazing, gorgeous, stunning”. Why? It was none of those things. Just a flat, boring, artistically uninteresting photo of a big rock outcrop. It’s not a photograph I would put on the wall, or an album, anyone could have taken that image, simply by a) owning a phone with a camera and b) being where I was.

I think this is important, and I see it all the time, there is a huge divide between a photograph of a great thing, and a great photograph of a thing – my business is with the latter. The final image I created used a specialist lens and the knowledge of how to use it, plus the combination of 3 filters as well as the experience to set the camera in manual to best make use of the lighting that I waited for 3 hours to arrive – keep an eye on my upcoming Walkabout 2018 series to see the image (don’t forget to follow me if you haven’t already).

And yet a meaningless, artless point and shoot that anyone could make receives acclaim. Does that mean that when I post an actual image that I have hand-crafted with 10 years of practice and it gets called “wonderful” or “amazing”, it’s actually just lumped together with the point and shoot?


5 thoughts on “We need to talk

    • On reflection, I totally agree with you, I have removed it. Thank you for visiting, and I hope I haven’t put you off for good


  1. No, of course you haven’t. I get it, you have to promote your store, just find a more subtle way of including it in the post. 🙂


  2. I am glad you said this. We definitely need to talk about – being authentic and appreciating in an authentic manner. I do not discount the fact that all viewers/audience have different perspectives and it is possible that what might be a flat landscape to you, appeals to someone because the vastness or the greenery resonates with them. So I really do not know how one can distinguish between ordinary and something awesome .. esp in the field of art. And with that my comment has suddenly become pointless as I realize that perspectives differ and the people who LOVE the (ordinary) image might actually mean it 😀 So I will end my comment gracefully by saying that this (what your blog said) is something that I (a perfectionist) often feels when people find my point and shoot ordinary images ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ and they find my really awesome and amazing pictures’ awesome and amazing’ as well 😀 You have a nice blog here 🙂

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