The Chronicles of Zizi – Part 4

My friend Zizi is an incredible costume designer and maker. She made every component of this costume (she also takes commissions for certain items and has her own etsy store…). So when it comes to photographing her as she models, you know you’re getting something truly unique.

It’s a wonderful experience, being able to apply your own creative spark to someone else’s creative spark, and we have known each other for a very long time, which makes it much easier.

In this image, we laid two different colour sheets of organsa (amazing stuff) down. Using a flashbulb with large silver diffuser (just above the top of the image) as well as a white infinity wall behind me and natural light through a window gave perfect, even light over Zizi. The slightly space-age, ethereal organsa perfectly compliments Zizi, especially in her futuristic suit (did I mention she made that herself?!).

In terms of the camera, f8 kept the image sharp, and iso 100 was easily obtainable with all of the lighting, so the image is free from digital noise and enabled a shutter of 1/125, which with the 18-55 mm lens I was using was more than fast enough to avoid shake. I was careful to ask Zizi to pull her legs in so I could capture all of those awesome boots and boot covers. I think its a very lovely image, and one I am really quite proud of!

Copy of ZiziMoondust-6

If you like my work with Zizi, why not take a look at my store for our collaborative Collector Sets of 3 images per set?

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