The Chronicles of Zizi – 5

In this, the last of my series on working with my good friend Zizi Moondust, I want to look at what is essentially a very simple image, and why I think it was worth taking.

Fashion modelling is a very saturated market. Pretty much everything has been done, so to make an image interesting, and worth looking at, something has to be different.

In this image, Zizi is in a simple pose, but the use of a clutter free infinity background allows us to really highlight the detail of the character. The vibrant blue of her body that we can see, shows subtle variations around her wrists, which I feel makes it far more convincing – people are very rarely one consistent colour.

We also have the opportunity to look again at Zizi’s extraordinary heterochromic eyes.


I found this photoshoot with Zizi to be incredibly rewarding, not just because of the opportunity to work with a very old friend again, but because I feel our collaboration has lead to a powerful creative output that I am, and I hope Zizi is, very proud of.

Images from my time with Zizi that have appeared in this series, plus a few others, are available in my store as collector’s sets for just £12 a set of 3 images, why not take a look?

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