Iceland – Humpback whales

While on honeymoon in Iceland, my wife and I took a whale-watching tour from Husavik.

The sea was quite rough and my poor wife didn’t have so much fun.

I on the other hand was right up on the bow being thrown all over the place while trying to keep the camera steady.

To keep a long story short, we saw loads of humpback whales and they are, quite frankly, huge. I know that seems fairly obvious but one surfaced fairly close to our boat and the only thing I could think was “holy moly that’s huge”. It was quite a challenge with the rough sea and overcast day to get sharp images of anything, but I did catch a whale mid-leap.

Not the sharpest image in the world, sadly, but I really wanted to share it

Leaping Humpback

A humpback whale leaping north of Husavik, Iceland

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