Iceland – Cool Blue

I am very lucky to have seen a great many things in the world, but I have to say, few come close to the lake at the foot of a glacier in Iceland.

The intensity of the blue is simply breathtaking, and although very cold, the place just filled you with a feeling of vitality.

This image is one of many that I took, and though perhaps not the most artistically incredible (you try directing an iceberg to float where you want it to), its the one that I think best captures the majesty of the place. In the foreground you have an iceberg floating its way out to sea. Behind and stretching to the middle distance the scene repeats, frozen depths and piercing blue icebergs until we reach the land, where the very edge of the glacier still hangs over the water.

Glacier Lake

The iceberg filled lake at the foot of the glacier

Here, it is clear that the ice has receded. In fact, where I stood to take this photograph was actually under the glacier just 90 years ago. I think that is why I am so drawn to this image over the others – this staggering beauty is tempered with sadness – it has only been revealed because the very thing that creates it – the glacier – is being destroyed due to an ever changing climate

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