Iceland – Gorgeous

Forgive the pun…

One of the places we were very keen to visit on our Iceland tour was Dettifoss – the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

The waterfall itself was staggering, and frankly too massive, and too mega to photograph. Not helped by the fact that I was at the top of it and there were no rails, just a helpful sign that said “do not go past this sign”…

The power of the water is made clear though, by the sheer vastness of the gorge it has carved from the volcanic rock it flows over.


The gorge that has formed at the bottom of Dettifoss, Iceland

The image itself was captured in black and white, because the scene was almost black and white anyway and what little colour there was served only to distract from the stunning textures of the image – it feels gritty to look at, like you’re running your fingers over some fine gravel. This is just amplified by the use of black and white and the high contrast in the scene. The few clouds that there are are suitably moody to fit the image, and the soft haze further down the valley teases that there may be more waterfalls ahead – Dettifoss was behind me when this image was taken. The fall starts as high as the top of the ridge opposite where I’m standing and falls in one unbroken drop to the base of the valley below.

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