A busy week in the store!

Well, I am delighted. An old colleague and good friend of mine recently placed a big order for 4 of my images through my store.

Aside from a few editions of the Zizi Moondust collection, this is the first time that my photographs have ever been bought, and I am over the moon. I did give my friend a discount because she is my friend, but also because to this point, I haven’t actually gone through the process of getting the prints, checking and preparing them, wrapping and shipping them – so this will be a great practice run and I know she’ll forgive me if I don’t get it quite right.

I wanted to send a certificate with the images, specifying that I printed them, and have opted for business cards with the image details written on

etsy (2)

The envelope is from a stationers and I had a stamp custom made with my brand logo on – I think it all looks rather smart!

Once I’d got it all packed up I wrapped the photos in blue tissue paper, taped and tied with some blue yarn

etsy (1)

This then goes inside the cardboard shipping box – I think I’d be pretty pleased if I got this through the post!

As well as practice, this will give me a chance to photograph more of my products so anyone that visits my store will see what they are buying. I also have a whole new range of images going live in the next few weeks, and have simplified the product pages so each image only has one page, instead of different ones for prints, mounts and frames – thinking of treating yourself or someone you know to some art this Christmas?

Why not take a look at what I have in my 25% sale, running until the end of November

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