Iceland – the composition you miss

There were so many waterfalls in Iceland that I’ve lost count how many I saw! Just driving around the main route (there is one road called, rather helpfully, road 1) there are waterfalls everywhere. This image was one of them, but unlike many others, I was able to get close enough to frame a decent composition and with the help of some filters, get a nice soft cloud-like fall


There are several things about this image – first is that to take it I had to battle against goodness knows how many people walking into shot!

That aside, I knew there was a composition here – the light was soft so I could get a long exposure to smooth the flow but the foreground interest in the pebbles would remain sharp, giving the image a real contrast in texture. The problem is it took me until I was editing it some months later that I saw the 1:1 ratio and realised that this is what it was missing. All in all, I’m quite pleased with how this has come out.

I’m not certain it’s quite good enough for the wall just yet, but I have learned a lot from this one image

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