Classic Pebbles

Sometimes, rather like eating at a fine restaurant, the classics tick all the boxes. This was how I felt when standing on the fabulous diamond beach in Iceland, surrounded by black sand littered with pure white blocks of ice… and all I wanted was to to capture this gorgeous, simple and classic composition of coloured pebbles.


The wonderful thing, in my opinion, is that I didn’t create this composition, I just found it. The subtle colouring of the pebbles, set against the beautiful black sand with just enough of a hint of colour, the overcast day giving a soft, even light, it couldn’t have been better if I had arranged them in a studio. All I had to do was compose them in the frame, opting for a simple left to right. The colours balance quite nicely, giving the image a feeling of harmony, but the left to right introduces a little movement, drawing your eye from each pebble to the next and keeping the image interesting.

Not a ground breaker.

Just lovely

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One thought on “Classic Pebbles

  1. Very nice found still-life … Mother Nature may have provided it but it was your artist’s eye that discovered it. I have been to the diamond beach but was too mesmerized by the icebergs to look this closely!


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