Seascape Moods

One of the most alluring aspects of Iceland for me was that, like my own Great Britain, Iceland is an island.

I cannot imagine living in a land-locked country and for much of my childhood I lived within a very short drive (for a few years a very short walk) from the coast.

Now I find myself drawn to the cost, especially for photography, although I currently live in the middle of England and the cost is not very available. I was delighted by the coast I got to see while in Iceland, and this image, although not perhaps the most technically exciting, is one I keep coming back to

Icelandic Mist

Here, the mist was truly blowing in from the sea, softening the hard boundary between the land and the water and reducing the colours of the rising cliffs to a greyed-out spectre of what they would usually be.

I love this image and for me it sums captures much of the weather we experienced during our 12 day road trip around the island’s circumference


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