Was it worth it?

Its been over a year now since I opened my online store using Etsy, and I thought I would take a moment to consider whether it’s really been worth it.

To start with, I invested a lot of time and money in developing my product – you might think that’s easy, I sell photographs, once I’ve taken it, how hard can it be? And it’s a fair question, the simple answer to which, I think, is as hard as you make it. I tried different printing papers, different labs, different suppliers of frames, and it adds up. I’ve ended up with a range of products at a range of prices that I think fit quite well into the market place, and that I am really proud of.

The big question though: have I sold any my images?

Well, yes actually. I sold 4 mounted (not framed) prints to a former colleague of mine, and have sold several sets of the Zizi Moondust collections. To be honest, that’s more than I ever thought I would do. The sheer volume of images available online is overwhelming and aside from fans and readers of this blog, not many people are likely to find them.

Massive financial success, no, but that was never what it was about.

Ultimately, I have gone through the effort to make my images available for purchase, and have developed my ElementalPhotoBlog “brand” as far as I ever wanted to, and I am so very proud of it.

Has it all be worth it?

Oh yes.


You’ve read the blog, why not visit the store? Prints, mounted and framed available here

All images are copyright to the ElementalPhotoBlog and may not be downloaded or reproduced

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