Gear Update: Sometimes just go for it.

So, my main camera body is a Canon 7D Mark 2, it’s a superb camera, and I adore it.

It has one slight drawback, which it shares with essentially every other DSLR of its type, in that when taking portraits, with the camera held in the portrait orientation, it can be quite uncomfortable because my wrist has to bend right round so I can still reach the shutter release.

Happily, Canon know this, and so made the accessory known as a battery grip. This plugs into the battery compartment, and essentially adds a second grip and shutter release to the underside of the camera body, so that when I’m holding it in the portrait orientation I can keep my hands where they would be if it was in landscape; much more comfortable! It can also hold two of the standard batteries, or be fitted with an adapter to take AA batteries, which is very useful if you are in a pinch!

All sounds wonderful right? Just buy one of these and problem solved…

Yeah… brand new from Canon they are almost £300! Now, if I were a professional and was charging at least that for every shoot I did, it would totally be worth it.

But I’m not.

So it isn’t.

I’ve not been able to get it out of my mind though, so have been researching a bunch of non-branded alternatives, and found one by a Chinese manufacturer that has been reviewed universally with 5 stars, and comes in at the princely sum of £38! I know what you’re thinking, you get what you pay for, and this is going to be a dud.

Well, I’ll let you know, because I’ve bought one…

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