Barmouth Rail Bridge

I love the mountains of Wales, and for the last few years my wife and I have stayed at a small, unique campsite in the hills between Barmouth and Dolgellau.

Barmouth is accessed by rail using a simply magnificent rail bridge. Opened in 1867, the bridge is a single track wooden viaduct that is 699 metres long and it is just amazing. It also has a footpath, so it is possible to walk along it from neighbouring Fairbourne and you can even fish from it if you have appropriate equipment! (apparent good for mackerel at high tide)

It is such a classic view from Barmouth, and one of my favourite views in the world, because it means I am on holiday with my wife (we even have a painting of it on the wall at home) so when I was standing at the mouth to the harbour with an unimpeded view,  and plenty of light, and my wife told me a train would be passing in a few minutes, I couldn’t resist the shot:

Barmouth Bridge

The view of Barmouth bridge from the harbour wall as a local services passes by

Now I have to be honest – mine is a fairly boring shot. This view has been captured by local photographers with much more interesting lighting, much more evocative (steam) trains on the bridge and so on. My image has essentially plain blue skies, and they are quite dull, but the busy harbour of different boats and buoys, coupled with the train and bridge in the mid-ground means that in the scene there is a lot to look at. I worked hard to compose my image with the left edge parallel to the wall of the house, and make sure that I didn’t clip any of the boats so they were only half in shot.

Other than that, this image is a long way from the landscape images I try and create, falling more into the snapshot category for me. Technically I will go so far to say I nailed it.

And you know what?

I love it.


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