Round Up – January 2020

What a start to the year! I was a bit sad to reflect on 2019 because it was clear that I’d had just no time for photography, but boy are we off to a start in 2020!

This has been the very best January since I started writing these articles back in 2015. Up to now, Jan 2016 had been the best with a total of 191 views but we’re off to a flying start this year, smashing the previous record with a total of 258!

I’ve tried hard to add some genuinely good content, and have start to re-publish some of my older content where I think it was good enough, because a lot of people will have missed it the first time round. As well as that, I’ve made some changes to the website:

Most significantly I’ve bought my domain, so the website is now instead of, which I think looks a whole lot better. I’ve also moved a few things around so that all my articles appear right away on the home page, instead of being harder to find on the blog page. Hopefully that will make it easier for people to find.

There’s a lot more to come this year, and I already have 12 articles lined up waiting to be published, so I’m well ahead with content for now. I’m hoping to get out and do more so that I can keep the content coming throughout the year.

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