CosXpo 2020

I’m pretty excited to say that I will be attending the Cosplay exposition in April this year in Reading!

This is largely the doing of Zizi Moondust who put me on to the meeting when I was lamenting to her that I was away when the Nottingham comic book convention was running, meaning I would miss out.

Cosxpo 2020 is an 18+ cosplay convention aimed at serious costume makers and cosplayers, and features some of the very best talent in costume and cosplay design the country has to offer! Naturally, Zizi will be there, and this year so will I, hopefully meeting a whole host of new cosplayers and models and of course, making the most of the opportunity for some very interesting photography subjects!

This type of convention is a bit different for me, but I have done a lot of photography at events so I’m hoping my skills carry over!

I have a bit of preparation to do, I haven’t used my off-camera flash system for a while because of the work I’ve been doing in the studio, so I need to make sure I can

a) find it all

b) remember how to use it!

Hopefully a bit of practice will stand me in good stead, and I can get some epic images of some epic people

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